Due to improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine; local authorities and the health services are faced with a growing number of aged and disabled people who desire to live an independent lifestyle. This requires appropriate care and support to ensure their continued wellbeing. Assisted living is on the increase.

For older people would like to live independently for as long as possible, but have physical limitations, Eldo247 is the best integrated, empowering solution to make them feel safe and connected with their relatives, friends and professional caregivers, giving everyone peace of mind.

Our range of Eldo247 products use the latest technology to enable older people in sheltered accommodation to raise help quickly and easily should they find themselves in a difficult situation. It also comes with easy to read instructions.

Eldo247 designed around a basestation (with battery backup) to monitor the home and sends alerts to family members or professional caregivers by text message, email or pre-recorded voice message on their phone.  All information is also accessible via the mobile-friendly website. The basestation will monitor and record room temperature and various sensors record the environment.

Panic Button

When the user pushes the panic button on their pendant or wrist, a voice from the Eldo247 basestation will tell them an alarm has been raised. A speaker-phone call is placed to either a family member or professional monitoring service that has been previously setup on the website. The telephone numbers can easily be changed at any time.

Depending on the situation,  the receiving party will decide the most appropriate course of action: provide reassurance over the phone, ask a neighbour to visit or call the emergency services.

Up-and-about Reassurance

By using one or more Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors and Inertia detectors, carers for the older person can be sure that they are moving around their home as normal.  The sensors can be placed wherever in the house is most appropriate, in a hallway or landing, the kitchen, bathroom, lounge. Inertia sensors can detect the fridge or any other internal door being opened and closed. There is no disruptive, internal wiring required and the sensors are not cameras.

Environment Monitoring

The home temperature is continuously monitored and if found to be outside the parameters set via the website (too hot or too cold), then an alert can also be set.

If the optional flood or smoke alarms are be triggered, an email, SMS text or voice alert will be sent depending on the configured settings, the person receiving the alarm can call back through the speaker phone system.

Eldo247 is particularly useful in preventing admissions to hospitals by picking up deteriorating conditions early or enabling early discharge.

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The Eldo247 monitoring system is designed to reduce anxiety and passively check the wellbeing of your older family members and provides an emergency alarm system.

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An agent will supply and help set up your devices, add additional devises and check they work, help fix problems, they can be used to change settings …

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Eldo247 prevents admissions to hospital by picking up illness and problems early and provides an easy method to store healthcare measurements.

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