Eldo247 is designed around a basestation (with battery backup) to monitor the home and communicate to family members or professional carers by text message, email or pre-recorded voice message if home activity is unexpected. It comes with clear, easy to read printed instructions. No home broadband required.

Eldo247 is offered in two starter packs

Standard Pack  £199*   including Eldo247 basestation with speaker-phone and room temperature sensor, panic button, 1 motion sensor and fridge door sensor.

Luxury Pack  £299*    including Eldo247 basestation with speaker-phone and room temperature sensor, panic button plus 3 motion sensors, fridge door, smoke, flood and front-door sensor.

A weekly maintenance charge of less than £5/week also applies.

In addition, extra sensors and remote speaker-phone loudspeaker can be added.

In the near future, health devices to record blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and oxygen saturation will be available. Contact us for further details.

*Excluding VAT – exemption applies if the older person meets the HMRC criteria: a chronic medical condition that has led to some kind of disability.

  • Eldo247 uses multiple phone operators to keep you connected
  • Several family members can be used to manage communications and alarms
  • Remote answering of all alarms by third party is available at additional cost subject to requirements
  • A local agent will setup the system in your home and carry out any maintenance.
  • Optional self-install possible
  • Low cost contract, less than £5 a week.
  • Low purchase cost, starting at £199
  • Sold with 30-day money-back guarantee,
  • Buy-back scheme, (see terms and conditions)
  • Guaranteed for 18 months

Eldo247 is particularly useful in preventing admissions to hospitals by picking up deteriorating conditions early or enabling early discharge.

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The Eldo247 monitoring system is designed to reduce anxiety and passively check the wellbeing of your older family members and provides an emergency alarm system.

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The range of Eldo247 products uses the latest technology to quickly and easily raise a help request should residents find themselves in difficulty.

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Eldo247 prevents admissions to hospital by picking up illness and problems early and provides an easy method to store healthcare measurements.

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