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Easy-to-use tablets​ for older people

MiCare is an Android app that encourages older people to discover that they can use modern technology by providing them a tablet computer experience that is both easy for them to use and practical for family and friends to configure for them remotely.

It makes internet browsing simple with quick access to large-icon bookmarks, supports simple photo receiving, Skype calling and a shared calendar so family can add appointments, birthdays and special occasions. WiFi is required to use this app.


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Eldo247 is particularly useful in preventing admissions to hospitals by picking up deteriorating conditions early or enabling early discharge.

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The Eldo247 monitoring system is designed to reduce anxiety and passively check the wellbeing of your older family members and provides an emergency alarm system.

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The range of Eldo247 products uses the latest technology to quickly and easily raise a help request should residents find themselves in difficulty.

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Eldo247 prevents admissions to hospital by picking up illness and problems early and provides an easy method to store healthcare measurements.

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