Included in the monitoring service are:

  • Monitoring and interpretation of all sensor data on Eldo247 systems
  • All mobile data communication costs from home to Eldo247
  • Reasonable use of panic button initiaited voice calls (details in contract)
  • All costs related to sending of SMS and email alerts

Standard Pack £199*  

Luxury Pack £299*

Optional additional sensors and health measurement devices individually priced.


*Excluding VAT – exemption applies if the older person meets the HMRC criteria: a chronic medical condition that has led to some kind of disability.

You can return the complete Eldo247 pack and original packaging within 30 days of receipt to receive a full refund of the system cost. You will need to pay for the maintenance charge over that period. Please see contract.

Monthly contracts for the subscription can be cancelled at any time and payments will stop one month after cancellation.

An ongoing maintenance charge equivalent to less than £5 a week applies for all systems

Optional additional fees would apply for professional call monitoring depending on provider chosen.

For purchases there is no signature required,  however, to activate the system a direct debit has to be setup with your bank, for maintenance payments. By giving your personal details you agree to the terms and conditions when you register.

For rentals, there is a minimal rental period, see further details in your contract.

Exemption applies if the older person meets the HMRC criteria: a chronic medical condition that has led to some kind of disability.

When you register you have to indicate the criteria that apply to the person.

If you don’t meet these criteria, VAT will be chargeable at current rate.


Yes, Eldo247 has an incorporated panic button and speaker-phone communication system in the basestation.

All the Eldo247 sensors, including the panic button, should work throughout the house and immediate surroundings.

Eldo247 has two types of panic button.  One can be worn as wristband, the other as a pendant or carried in a pocket.

Yes, all sensors are fully configurable on the website.

All voice communication is through the basestation’s speaker-phone or optional remote loudspeaker.

Warranty & Returns

Yes, all Eldo247 monitor products are guaranteed for 18 months. For other specialist third party equipment see the manufacturer’s guarantee.

We offer 2 starter packs, Standard and Luxury, and optional additional sensors.

Please see the Products page

Rental systems need to be returned as per the rental agreement.

We also offer a buy back facility, please see your agreement for details.

Security & Reliability

Firstly, if the person can press their panic button themselves, then a speaker-phone voice call will be initiated by the basestation to their pre-set telephone numbers.

Secondly, the lack of movement around the house can trigger an alert to the nominated contact.

Family or carers who receive the call or other alert can follow their pre-arranged procedures e.g. decide to visit themselves, contact emergency services or ask local neighbour.

Eldo247 uses multiple UK mobile operators  and seeks to find the best available and strongest signal on any network. If you find that there are issues with mobile coverage, you can take advantage of our 30-day returns policy for a full refund.

This system will not work in very remote areas with no mobile connection.

We take your privacy very seriously. All the collected data is encrypted and transferred to our servers using secure internet protocols.  Once there we ensure that your information is only accessible to those authorised.

We conform to the Data Protection Act1998.

The Eldo247 basestation has battery backup power and when the mains power is off or disconnected by accident all receiving parties are informed and alarm is raised. 

If the mobile phone network is unavailable, all sensor data will be stored locally and updated when it returns.

Eldo247 software is adaptable for new technologies as they become available.

System Management

No, the system is independent of your own WiFi, broadband, landline or mobile phone.

The Eldo247 website is optimized for use on Android phones and tablet and Apple iPhone and iPad.

Alerts can be generated as SMS text messages for receipt on all mobile phones, by email for receipt anywhere or by voice message to any phone including landlines.

Text message, email and voice alerts will give you details of the reason why it has been activated. More details of all sensors activity are available on the website.

The system is designed to be really simple for older people to use. Family members or local agents can easily set up the alert parameters and panic call phone numbers on the website.

Even if the older parents live with you, you cannot always be there, especially if you work long hours or occasionally have to leave them alone for long periods of time. An remote monitoring system and panic call system provides peace of mind for everyone.

Yes, there is a primary user (the person who purchased the equipment). They can give permission to assign as many third party, family, friends as they want. These permissions can be limited to just seeing sensor activity readings and analysis, to altering the parameters of alarms and who can receive the alarm calls.

Yes, the Eldo247 basestation is fully configured with its sensor and easy to install. Any additional equipment that needs to be paired with the device can be done by following basic instructions or through your local agent.

The system is fully automatic when configured on the website. Following installation we recommend that the system is tested. We also recommend that panic button is tested each month. When batteries are becoming low, an alert is raised automatically to the receiver or carer.