Eldo247 is a company owned and managed by a professional team with over two decades of experience in the health/social care and the alarm design/management business.

Globally, due to the growing challenge of health and social care for its increasing ageing population at an affordable cost and long term health conditions, there is a demand and huge market ranging from professional providers through to the worried families. As families no longer live locally and are dispersed around the world, and to allow frail older loved ones to live longer and independently in a dignified way in their own home, regardless of their limitations, the need for an active/passive checking system is obvious, reducing the stress and anxieties on all involved.

Though there are many players in this well-established market, no competitor is offering such an integrated, safe, secure, day and night, low cost, reliable, easy to install flexible checking alarm system that monitors health, safety and well-being.

The Eldo247 monitoring system uses the latest empowering technology, assures a better quality of life, peace of mind for both family and ageing loved ones without being intrusive. Affording dignity to the person being monitored, giving sense of protection and enhanced care. This translates into meaningful information for families at a significantly lower cost compared to care homes and hospital, whether our customers are looking to remain safe in a medical emergency, have limited mobility, are at risk of falling as they age, afraid to live alone because of home invasions or fires, staying connected with relatives, remotely or abroad, Eldo247 has it covered.

With healthcare becoming more complicated and the need for more detailed tests, the Eldo247 integrated system has the potential to offer in-home healthcare monitoring as new measurement devices become available.

Our strategy is to use integrated, empowering technology to improve the quality of life of older people, their families and professionals; to enhance support, communication and care in the user’s own home.

Eldo247’s mission is to deploy joined-up technology to keep health and social care relational, affordable and user friendly.

We see happy relationships and the wellbeing of your loved ones as really important.

We want to see progress by using the latest technologies.

As an organisation, we want to be consistent through high-quality systems, structures and processes.

We want to be responsible; recognising collaboration and good relationships with all involved.

We want to enable and empower older people to feel safe and secure living in their own home.

Eldo247 enables Joanna to live safely in her own home, allowing any problems to be detected early, picking up environmental and medical needs quickly helping to reduce admission to hospital and maintain wellbeing. The whole family feels so much more secure and has peace of mind knowing that should Joanna need help, we will know about it straightaway.

Eldo247 is particularly useful in preventing admissions to hospitals by picking up deteriorating conditions early or enabling early discharge.

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The Eldo247 monitoring system is designed to reduce anxiety and passively check the wellbeing of your older family members and provides an emergency alarm system.

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The range of Eldo247 products uses the latest technology to quickly and easily raise a help request should residents find themselves in difficulty.

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Eldo247 prevents admissions to hospital by picking up illness and problems early and provides an easy method to store healthcare measurements.

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